Ultrasonic Algae Control – For Ponds And Industrial Applications


If your dealing with a pond algae problem right now you’ve come to the right place. Ultrasonic technology is fairly new in the United States but it’s been used worldwide for several years to control algae blooms in all sizes of ponds.

Picture in your mind, an opera singer hitting that high, sustained pitch that when it’s just right, the crystal glass shatters into a hundred pieces. Ultrasonic waves basically do the same thing to algae.

The ultrasonic treatments are tuned to zero in and produce sound frequency waves that are highly targeted to damage the cellular wall of many types of algae. What your looking at in the photo sequence below is the condition of a string of algae cells under a microscope. On the left is the untreated algae and moving to the right you’ll see the effects of ultrasonic vibrations.

The end result?

Dead algae that’s been reduced and eliminated without the use of harsh chemicals or algaecides!SS_B4_After2

When going “green” is more important than ever, sonic algae control is moving into the mainstream when it comes to keeping your pond clean and clear.

Ultrasonic systems can work in unison with other pond mechanical devices like aeration systems or UV filtration. Beneficial bacteria, which is a popular choice for reducing organic sediment in a pond, can also be used quite effectively with sonic systems. In fact, the ultrasonic waves that are so deadly to most species of algae actually help to supercharge or stimulate the bacteria, helping it work better.

Our ultrasonic lineup has a device to fit nearly any size of pond. Use the SS100 unit for smaller ponds, water gardens, and industrial applications up to 100 feet in length. The SS200 can work well in larger settings and provides coverage up to nearly 200 feet. The SS400, SS500 and SS600 systems are unsurpassed in their ability to treat very large bodies of water effectively.

All of the SS systems utilize an unmatched array of frequencies that allow better targeting to a wider range of algae types. No other system in use today has this degree of versatility and performance.

For industrial algae control no other ultrasonic systems are UL approved and come with the NSF/ANSI 61 certification.

algae chart

If your interested in learning more about ultrasonic algae control, be sure to take some time and look around our website. Each product page has detailed specifications for the unit that’s profiled and you’ll find additional information about how easy it is to install an ultrasonic unit in your pond. And ultimately, to find out if ultrasound is right for your pond or situation, watch the introductory video below or visit our pond applications and frequently asked questions pages for more information on pond care and ultrasonic algae control.

And as always, if you have any questions about your pond algae problem or any comments you’d like to pass along, feel free to use our contact form to stay in touch.